Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twenty mile run down! On target to meet goals!

This post should catch my blog up!
Workouts are going well. I completed my 20 mile training run with no real problems. I still plan to complete a 22 miler before the Marathon on Sept. 19.

My biggest challenge will be to make my weight of 194 lbs. by 8 Sept. I need to be at this weight to get my Max points and meet my 100% goal. On friday I weighed in at 199! I broke the 200 pound barrier! Oh weight now, not so fast, three days of camping, eating crap and no actual workouts. Back up to 205. SHIT!

I have to stay focused and avoid temptation to meet my goals. Before my PT test, I still have a trip to the beach and a trip to WV for my 25 year reunion. When and where will I do my long runs?? I have to sit down and figure this out. I didn't work this hard to get sidetracked in the last few weeks.

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