Friday, February 26, 2010

Running is Easy. Losing Weightt is Hard!

It's about a month before my first Marathon of 2010 and training is going well. I Just recently found a burst in speed I didn't have in the past. I participated in a 5K and finished with my best time ever and even managed to cut my time by a full minute and come in 5th!

To be honest, training has been easy. I thoroughly enjoy getting out and running with my group. It's the highlight of my day. The thrill of running with others and the little mini races that go on are exhilarating. Even the times when I really kick it and my lungs are burning and I can feel the pulse in my temples is a welcomed feeling. If I don't make a run I regret it. I never get finished and say, "wow, that sucked, I wish I wouldn't have done that".

Another reason it doesn't feel like work is that I only run 3 times a week. Many articles I have read lately have been about "training less and training smarter" I like that and I think it's best for me. As I get older, it allows a full day of rest between my runs. It makes me fresh for the next run and gives my body time to re-coup which means less chance of injury.

Now about that extra weight I've been trying to lose. That has been the tough part! I've managed to shed the extra few pounds I gained during the holidays but I'm still hovering around 205-210. To those runners who can eat whatever they want, I hate you. To those who say if I run I can eat whatever you want, it's not true.

The reality is I'm not trying hard enough. Even though I've been monitoring my weight, I haven't gotten serious about losing it. That changes today.

What I've been doing right: I've cut soda out of my diet almost completely. I also recently started drinking more V8 juice instead of sweet juices. I've been eating lots of seasonal fruits lately which includes, banana's, strawberries, and LOTS of tangerines. I've also tried to snack on veggies during the day and evening. Baby carrots and Sugar Snap peas mostly.

What I've been doing wrong:  I'm a night eater! Always have been and it's a hard habit to break. I have a habit of skipping breakfast and even Lunch and eating most of my calories once I get home. Also, since I don't monitor it closely enough, I end up taking in too many calories in the evening for this reason I've started a food journal and will track my calories and when I eat them.

Yes, it sucks but that is the discipline I need right now. Thanks for reading.