Friday, August 21, 2009

May 2009: Time for the PT Test!

When I finished my time at DINFOS, it was time to take my PT test. I hadn't started lifting weights yet but I had added push-ups and sit-ups to my routine. I had not been timing my runs but I was very confident I would have a good time.

Test results:

1.5 Mile run: Full Points (10 Mins and 19 seconds)

Push-ups: Full points

Sit-ups: Full Points

Overall score: Excellent (can't remember the actual score but it was around 92)

I was pretty happy with that but it also pissed me off a bit. I had max points for everything except my waist size. To get max points for that that Air Force says my waits needed to be 32.5 inches?

32.5 inches? REALLY? I'm 6'2" tall and I haven't had a waist that small since Junior High! I fail to see how having a waist that small will make me healthier.

I did my research and found there is another way. If your BMI is under 25 you can also get full points. At 6'2" I would need to be 194 pounds. Over 25 pounds less that I was at the beginning of May. OK, that was a goal that I could possibly attain.

I was motivated. This was a real turning point for me!

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