Sunday, November 28, 2010

SometImes Life Gets in your way

The great Wall marathon was such a high for me! Months of training finally coming together in the race of my lifetime. After the race I was in the best shape of my life and I felt like I could accomplish anything! With this enthusiasm  I started towards my next goal.  A Triathlon.

To complete a triathlon meant I had to start two other sports that I've never competed in. Road cycling and swimming. Luckily, I have had already been running with several triathletes so I had some great teachers.  I started swimming laps in the pool and managed to do pretty well with my breathing technique. The next thing I needed was a bike.  My friends help me pick out a road bike that was good to train on and was a better option than a straight Tri Bike when your budget only allows for one.  I ended up with this SWEET full carbon Cervelo S3!

I actually got the bike before the Great Wall run but waited till I got back before I started training.  I went out a couple of times with my friend Peter before I started some group runs and he assured me I would be able to keep up.  Then it happened.  I was headed out for a three man ride.  My foot slipped on the pavement while I had to put it down during a steep hill and I ended up falling off my bike  The full force landed on my left hand.  I think the reasons were:

- My lack of experience with clip-in shoes
- My lack of experience with changing gears for hill climbing.
- Learning to ride in a crowded metropolitan area.

Regardless.  CRACK!  I fractured my the metacarpal of my left hand.  Commonly known as a brawlers break because it's the bone that usually breaks when you hit something hard with your fist.

Well that was it for now. My triathlon training came to a screeching halt.  The cast meant I could no longer swim laps in the pool and could also no longer ride my bike.  So once again I had to focus all my energy on my running.

Shortly after getting the cast on I noticed something weird going on with my left foot.  When wearing flip flops I noticed the left foot was slapping the ground loudly.  Then every now and then I would just trip for no reason and go tumbling.  Admittedly kind of funny to see a guy with a cast doing a somersault  on the pavement but still.  Then my foot started getting numb on top and I noticed I could not flex my left foot upward.  I looked it up on the net and then had it confirmed by the neurologist.  The diagnosis was Poreneal nerve damage, commonly referred to as "Drop Foot".   I was told the injury was probably not from running but from sitting for longs periods of time with my leg under me.  The doc felt that in time the functionality may return but there was no guarantee.  That was it.   I was completely sidelined.   I was unable to run, bike or swim or even do most other strength training activities.

So, as the title says, life some times gets in the way.  Of course this did not mean the end of  my training. It was simply a set back.  Some may have looked at it as a sign or excuse to hang it up.  No me.  I will keep going one way or another.

Many times I hear people say something like  "yeah, I used to run but then my legs started to give out" or "I injured my (fill in the blank)" or "When I was younger I could...".  I don't mean to belittle other peoples injuries but I do believe that people sometimes sell themselves short and they don't see their potential.  Just this weekend I saw a women that was at LEAST in her 80's out running.  She was slow but steady.  After she finished I heard her talking with a friend about her 9 different New York Marathon. 

 I hope I'm able to keep her pace when I'm her age!