Friday, November 20, 2009

Maintaing but not straining.

It's been awhile since my last update.  The main reason is that I have been busy with the new job.  I finally hooked up with Seoul Synergy and started running with them.  We run hills on Tuesday's and down by the river on Thursday's.  The runs take place in the evenings and it's an adventure to put your life in jeopardy dodging the taxi's and motorcycles. 

Since I've gotten here, I've practiced the Forrtest Gump style of running. I don't pay much attention to my time or pace.  The group says "Run", I run.  I go as fast as I feel like going. No pressure. 

Then again, there is the testosterone that kicks in.  Latey there have been some young lads showing up for the Tuesday run.  I say "lads" because two them are from Ireland I do believe. Young and full of piss and vinegar as the old folks say.  No, I can't keep up with them but it sure is fun trying.  I always like to have someone in front of me when I'm running.  It's a great motivator when you have something to chase.

I must say that my training seems to be in more of maintenance phase though.  I don't seem to make it to the Gym for strength training as much as I like and my distances have decreased.   The longest training runs I've been on are around 8 miles not counting the half marathon.

I'm doing less miles but at a faster pace. I must be doing something right, I ran the 10K on post this morning and logged my best time once more shaving 17 seconds off my old time.  44 Mins 43 Seconds.  That's a 7 min 11 second pace! Not too bad old man.