Monday, October 12, 2009

Korea: New Country. New Goals!

Here I am in Korea!  The Fat Sergeant has made it to a new country on a new work assignment.  I left the United States on a high note meeting all three of the goals.   As I've said earlier, I need to have goals to work towards or I can easily go right back to my old habits,  As someone who has lost and gained weight my whole life, I now know it's my reality.  If I want to stay healthy and fit I have to set goals and work on fitness constantly.

The good news is that I truly enjoy working out and running now!  That's not always been the case.  Running used to make dizzy, nauseous and miserable. I'm without a vehicle right now and I was thinking about this while walking and running around the base this week.  The garrison is very hilly and I was surprised how easy it was to travel up and down the hills without getting winded.  It's a great feeling to know that you can run for hours.  The reality is you have to actually run for hours to maintain that ability.  

Moving to a new place is a great time so set new goals and start good habits.  About three years ago my wife and I left Germany and threw the cigarettes in the trash before we got on the plane.  We've both managed to stay off the smokes since then.  In our new home we were not in the habit of going outside to smoke. We didn't smoke at work and didn't have people asking us to go to the smoke area.  That's why I contacted running clubs in the area before I left the country.  I ran a 5K fun run this morning and will be running with the club in the morning.  It's likely that the people I end up  meeting here will be fitness oriented and that will help me stay fit.

This blog is also a big part of my mental conditioning.  When I commit to my goals everyone knows about it.  I feel that my friends are rooting for me and I don't want to them down.  

I have come up with some short term and long term goals for my tour here.

Short term goals:
1. Compete in a half marathon before the end of the year and finish in under 2 hours. (a new personal best)
2. Get my weight down to 190 lbs and maintain it through the holidays to  Jan 1st. 

Long Term goals:
1. finish a marathon in under 4 Hours. (I need to shave 24 minutes!)
2. Compete in a triathlon!  (This is a big one!  I don't even have a bike here.)

That's it.  Goals set!  Wish me luck.

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  1. That's awesome! So glad you kept up with the blog too!