Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter training is not always fun

That's right, I admit it.  I don't enjoy every aspect of running.  Especially in the winter months.  The shorter days means there is less sunlight and many times you're running in the dark. The cold temperatures require you to carefully choose how many layers you need to be warm enough but not too cold. Dodging ice patches and snow drifts is tough and no matter what you do it seems that some part of you is cold while the others are sweating. 

Many people choose to stay indoors and train during these harsh months and log their miles on a treadmill or cross trainer.  I used  to do the same thing but there are many things you  miss out on.  Treadmill  miles are not trail miles and, for me, that matters.  If I spent my winter months inside I would be at a major disadvantage at the beginning of the spring.  I have some big  plans and cannot afford that.

So whats makes winter running in sub zero weather in the dark worth  it?  So many things!  The exhilaration and sense of accomplishment is there no matter what the temperature. Above all else, that's makes it worthwhile.  Personally, my body performs better in cold temperatures than hot.  Long distances are much easier in the cold than in the hot weather and there is alot less problems with keeping hydrated. 

Running with a group makes all the difference as well and the Seoul Synergy team pictured above has been my running family of choice these past few months.  Sometimes meeting for coffee before, catching a bowl of steaming korean soup afterwards, it truly does make all the difference.  I know I preach "Integrity First" but  there is no way I would push myself this hard if no one else was around.  The comradery, the natural and friendly competitiveness, you just miss that when running by yourself.  Although I enjoy the meditation of a long solo run every now and then, I much prefer the company of the group.  Thanks guys and gals!

That's it for now.  Let's bundle up and get some miles done!

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